Patient Stories

Patients and supporters give the reasons why they're pledging to Vote4theNHS.

Nick Gamble

Health care is an essential part of our life. We are one of the wealthier nations. Our health services should not be constantly overstretched, understaffed and underfunded. The funding problem has to be resolved.

Janet Brown

JanetBecause it’s the most important issue for the majority of us. I am a mental health carer twice over, for my husband with vascular dementia and my son with schizophrenia and services are and always have been desperately underfunded. What happened to the parity of esteem we were promised? Who will guarantee to implement this promise?

David Harding-Price

The NHS is the jewel within British society and is also the very fabric that holds society together. Without a solid NHS people cannot function, they have nowhere to turn when they need healthcare, support in older life or help staying healthy. Politicians should do more than pay lip service to the NHS they must fully understand a healthy stable NHS leads to a healthy and stable nation. For me, as a retired nurse, the clinical side of the NHS is vital. Funding needs to be provided to train and employ more nurses and other clinicians. Then once qualified nurses need to be given a professional wage to recompense them for the long hours, arduous tasks and the stressful environment they find themselves in.

'No health no wealth' has been a mantra I have proclaimed for many years and today it is just as true as it was when I first said it over 30 years ago.

Patricia Foxworthy

With the population increasing and technology improving, surely all the political parties really realise that more investment is needed in the NHS.

Leonard Beddow

LeonardMy wife has been in a vegetive state for eighteen years. I have seen the best and the worst of both the NHS and social services. During the earlier years there were less staff and less paperwork, but the care was really person centred. The vast increase in administration requires higher staff numbers to manage increased paperwork. This now outweighs the number of hands-on care staff, who have not increased. Numerous policies and legislation are used to explain why things can’t be done… but when needed to protect patients, somehow the records "disappear". I want less administration and more nursing.

Alan Bellinger

AlanThe NHS in our area (west Hertfordshire) is facing real challenges in terms of funding; and it seems that, whilst the focus is on "turnaround" and on cutting costs, both patient experience and safety are being compromised. The latest cut is to the funding that surgeries receive to relieve pressures over the winter period; this will have a direct impact on services over the 2017/18 winter.

The fundamental issue is that capital is needed to "pump prime" the changes that are needed. But as there is no funding for investing in change the slide into cutting services and restricting access continues unabated.

There has to be a better way; and, in addition to funding, that fundamentally lies in reducing bureaucracy, implementing new models of care, and leveraging patients' preparedness to support the NHS through volunteer initiatives.

Richard von Abendorff


A decently funded free efficient patient centred social and healthcare service is a cornerstone of a decent society. The NHS has played a key role in it, but year on year of cuts of both per capita and per GDP spending are putting it under severe pressure, just at a time people live longer with more complex and costly treatments available. This is causing suffering and stress to many and huge pressures on NHS staff. I will vote for a party who place funding and organising a public not private NHS at its core.